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Goal-Based Therapy

Apr 6, 2022 | NDIS

At Astra Psychology, we use a goal-based approach when providing therapeutic supports with clients.

What is a Goal?

A goal is a desirable state of affairs that a person wants to attain through action. It is something that someone wants to get because they believe it will help them, and it will take activity on their behalf to get it.


Why Set Goals in Therapy?

We believe it is important to set goals with clients.

Simply having a discussion with a client about their goals provides insight into what they want, and it can also provide information about any obstacles that may be in the way.

We achieve a better understanding of clients when we set goals with them. Creating goals strengthens the relationship between us, known as the “therapeutic alliance.”

A client’s right to choice and control is acknowledged when we collaboratively work with them and they identify their goals to us. We believe it is very important for clients to exercise choice and control over all important aspects of their life, and this definitely includes therapy and what is discussed in therapy.

Perhaps most importantly, there is evidence that setting goals and working towards them improves wellbeing and positive mental health.


Goals and Wellbeing

When people know that they have a purpose – that they have goals – life can be more meaningful. Also, when people achieve goals, or when they see that they are making good progress towards them, they feel better. For example, anyone who has been on a diet will know that there is a sense of accomplishment when goals about weight loss are met. When people achieve goals, they feel good about themselves.

Even the simple act of setting a goal can help. If someone sets a goal and believes that it is attainable, simply setting that goal will help them feel better. They feel better even without achieving the goal. However, for this to occur, the goal has to be attainable; the person has to believe that it is possible for them to reach the goal.


What We Do in Astra Psychology

When we meet with clients, we regularly ask them about their goals, and we check on their progress towards those goals. We don’t set goals for clients; they are set by the client after a discussion with us.

We will encourage and support any progress towards goals. When it comes to therapy, we will always apply therapies that work; that is, we apply therapies that are known to be effective in helping with a person’s problem.


One of the most satisfying aspects of our work is when we see clients who achieve their goals. There are feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, and self-improvement when this happens. It is a time to celebrate and to ask, “What is the next goal to be achieved?”