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that Shine for You
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The path of life is not always smooth. We can work with you to lighten the way.

Astra Psychology provides therapy that focuses on you. Together, we will seek an understanding of the issues that confront you, why they came about and how they can be resolved.

We listen. We care. We seek the best outcome for you.

We Value


Feel safe with us and trust us to help you.


Let’s work together, to develop a better understanding of the issues that you face and their solutions.


It’s important to be open and trustworthy, always and without exception.


We aim for reliability, which means that you can have certainty and assurance in us.

Our Vision

Astra Psychology has a vision – to provide quality therapy that places you, the client, in the centre and that helps you to achieve the best possible outcomes.

At Astra Psychology we bring together 30 years of training and experience in psychology, mental health, and other human-related fields. We add to that mix another quality that takes time to develop – life experience.

We recognise that you are a unique person with unique experiences, and that you have strengths and qualities. We seek to understand you in the best way that we can, and we work with you so that you can take greater control over your life.

Malcolm Choat

Malcolm Choat

Registered Psychologist
Clinical Supervisor

Malcolm Choat is Astra Psychology’s principal therapist and psychologist.

Malcolm is trained in applying evidence-based models of therapy, including psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and solution-focused therapy. His main fields of practice have been working with at-risk adolescents, and adults experiencing a broad range of psychological issues. He has helped to establish and run mental health services, including services to assist people with severe mental health problems and services directed towards the care of elderly people.

For more than 12 years, Malcolm led and directed teams of psychologists. He has 5+ years of experience as a clinical supervisor, providing direction, support, and training to intern psychologists.

Malcolm has an almost unique combination of career professions, fields of study and work experiences. Before he became a psychologist, Malcolm worked as a mediator and lawyer.

Malcolm’s qualifications include a First-Class Honours degree in psychology, a Masters of Clinical Leadership, a Bachelor of Laws and post-graduate qualifications in mediation and negotiation. He is registered with AHPRA as a psychologist and clinical supervisor. He is currently a PhD candidate, conducting research into the therapeutic alliance between psychologists and clients.

It is this combination of experiences and training that forms Malcolm’s ability to deliver effective therapy services in a unique way.

Malcolm has also found the time to be married, raise children and be a “father” to many animals, including two rescued therapy-greyhounds. He is an avid reader, a writer and published author, and an occasional traveller. He would like to be a poet, one day.